Current shows

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2019 current

'The Angel Project'  touring show, begins in Ashbourne Festival, June 2019

 'Bookworks' Harding House Gall, Lincoln, on going  

2018-19 exhibitions

'Blackpop' small show of Bookworks April 2019

'Angels' Group show, The Manger Gallery, January 2019

'Beyounding' The Steel Rooms Lincolnshire until 8th Dec 2018

'Still'  group show, The Manger Gallery, Melbourne  Feb-April 2018 

Bookworks'  2018 Harding House Gallery, Lincoln, 

'Art Instillation'  Ashbourne Arts Festival  22 June - 30 June 2018 


Gallery Links

Yorkshire Sculpture Park                            

Harding House Gallery, Lincoln                

Manger Gallery                                         

Scarthin Books Derbyshire,                       

Beetroot Tree Gallery, Draycott,                 

Derbys Literature Festival,                        

Ashbourne Arts Festival,                          

Wirksworth Festival,Derbyshire                 


The Steel Rooms                                       


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 Past Exhibitions to 2008


2018      Ashbourne Arts Festival 

2018     The Manger gall, Melbourne

2018     The Steel Rooms, Beyoundings 

2017      Derbyshire county records office, Bookworks

2016       Derby Cathedral (instillation)

2016      St Johns gallery Ashbourne (group show)

2016      Wirksworth Festival (instillation) St Mary's Church

2015       Abbey Walk gall (solo)

2014       Ashbourne Festival (instillation)

2013       Constantine gallery, Teesside University (solo)

2012      Trattles and Geall gall, Whitby, The Dream Chamber

2012      Abbey Walk gall 'Head & Whole'

2012      Harding House Gall

2012      Ashbourne Festival

2012      Derbyshire Literature Festival

2012      Beetroot Gall

2011      Harding House 'Flash Trash'

2011      Abbey Walk gall 'Head & Whole'

2011      Scarthin Books 'Bookvandal'

2010       Harding House Gallery, Lincoln 'Bookworks'

2010        Harding House Gallery 'Out of the Woods'

2009      Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Visitor Centre

2009      Tregoning Gallery, Derby

2008/9    Repton Gallery, Repton

2008      Parish Rooms Wirksworth Festival

2008      Beetroot Gallery, 'Monochrome'

2008      Bank's Mill, Derby, 'One Step Beyond'