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-    Maggie Cullen 

       Wirksworth in Derbyshire         




 "I desired liberty; for liberty I gasped; for liberty I uttered a prayer; it seemed scattered on the wind then faintly blowing"

   Made from a copy of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, figures made from the      illustrations and the title is a quote from the book. On show at Derbyshire records in Matlock,Derbyshire  





"I knew Riddings, Lord Lathkill's place from the outside. It was an old Derbyshire stone house at the end of the village of Middleton"

Made from book, Short Stories by D H Lawrence, the title is a quote from short story called Glad Ghosts. From 1918 to 1919 Lawrence and his wife Frieda lived in Mountain cottage which still clings to the steep wooded hillside overlooking the Via Gellia valley on the outskirts of Middleton by Wirksworth in Derbyshire



  'Listening to the choir, Rosy finds herself levitating into a beautiful world  of imagination'

 Made from book paper from a small leather bound discarded prayer and hymn pocket book c1910, Added in Jan. 2015 

Winnie and Josie say a prayer whilst Sally looks to the Stars

 Made from a very old discarded leather bound book of common prayer with a brass clasp,  H:160mm, added in Dec 2014




                                    The  Author with Johnny and Bengy 

Made from a copy of book, "Accident of Fortune" by Andrew Devonshire, (Duke of Devonshire, until his death in 2004) the figures made from a 2016 Chatsworth House events leaflet.

The Duke and the much loved Duchess (known as 'Debo') Left a legacy for everyone working for the preservation and development of Chatsworth House





Title; "You common, monkey-headed, rat tailed, sulphur-coloured son of a
     doormat, do you know what I'm going to call you? Peter!"---  "if I'd had  five tails' I couldn't have done enough wagging......."

Book sculpture made from  1954 copy of book, Cabbages and Kings, and other stories 
by O .Henry, Pseudonym of William Henry Porter written c1904



"It is only with a few rare natures that friendship is added to friendship, love to love and the man keeps growing richer in affection" 

   Bookwork made from 1906 copy of book  Familiar studies of men and books     R .L .Stevenson, the title is taken from the last page of the book.     

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