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  Maggie Cullen

Wirksworth in Derbyshire

Current exhibitions

The Angel Project

1st Dec - 31st Jan 2019

The Manger Gallery, Kings Newton, Melbourne, Derbyshire 


war flight over strange landscape



Windows and Altered Bookworks 

 The Steel Rooms Gallery, Lincolnshire from

September 15th-8th Dec 2018


 "Spring was moving in the air as Mole stepped out"

made from book Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame




Smiling in Slow Motion

made from book of the same title, the last book written by Derek Jarman 



'Altered Bookworks' 

 at Harding House Gallery Lincoln, show  is ongoing into 2019


"I would rather not be engaged and I should like things to go on for a long time just as it is." Made from book, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


  New works; '#Notitia Personalem' translates as (#Personal data), 

Box framed 400 x 500 mm series of 15 new works.




















detail from series of 30 paper standing figures, 1500mm high including plinths. Influenced by traditional interactive ritual around dance including present day Morris Dancers









Series of framed collage,acrylic paint, paper figures on paper 500 x 500mm                                                










'One Summer warmed night flows a silent windswept song from Fid-nemith to the circling Moon' (detail images below) 

(Reworked 2017),the instillation consists of 12 standing figures on plinths in a circle (approx. H:1500 mm. Diameter: 2500 mm),


A response to the beauty and silent presence out on the nearby moorlands, a sence of lost ancient forests.The awe-inspiring standing stones, magical aura of hidden mythical sites and existing dark woodlands around Derbyshire. 

Made from reconstructed debris gathered from nearby Derbyshire moorland floor, the instillation derives from evidence of ancient natural and human ritual which took place here in our long lost past.

Fid-nemith is an old Irish word which means, a sacred circle of trees, this is used as an allusion to our moorlands past when they would have been covered by dense forest  







 With her toes in the clouds.........................


'With her toes in the clouds, Kathleen performs her legendary handstand above 'The Big Hole' of Wirksworth'

The structure is based on the remains of an old crane left behind in an abandoned, tree filled area known locally as 'The Big Hole'.

This 19th century disused quarry left an enormous hole very close to The Puzzle Gardens, a maze of lead miner's cottages built on a steep hillside around 250 years ago overlooking the town of Wirksworth.

 Paper map birds represent the altered contours of the Derbyshire landscape due to centuries of mining and quarrying.

The use of 22c gold leaf an indication of great monetary value placed upon minerals and metals found around Wirksworth. Grit stone, lead ore and limestone placed at the base represent the local stone, one side of the town grit stone the other limestone. 

Made from recycled materials; wood, metal mesh, paper, map paper with Gritstone and Limestone gathered from around Wirksworth


    Detail image 'With her toes in the clouds, Kathleen performs her legendry handstand above 'The Big Hole' of Wirksworth'             

Made from recycled materials, paper and gold leaf 



                         'Rosalind will pop on her lippy to go boppin tonight' 

 Made from an old Book of Prayer and gold leaf



"I knew Riddings, Lord Lathkill's place from the outside. It was an old Derbyshire stone house at the end of the village of Middleton"

Bookwork. (detail) Made from book, Short Stories by D H Lawrence, the title is a quote from short story called Glad Ghosts. From 1918 to 1919 Lawrence and his wife Frieda lived in Mountain cottage, Middleton, the cottage  still clings to the steep wooded hillside overlooking the Via Gellia valley on the outskirts of Middleton by Wirksworth in Derbyshire

Winnie and Josie say a prayer whilst Sally looks to the Stars

       'Bookwork,' made from an old discarded leather bound book of common  prayer with brass clasp,  H: 160mm 





                                  The  Author with Johnny and Bengy

Made from a copy of book, "Accident of Fortune" an autobiography by Andrew Devonshire, his book explains how he and his wife Debbo saved Chatsworth and began to develop it into a visitor attraction.The Duke of Devonshire, until his death in 2004. the composition is taken from an image in the book of the Duke with his dogs Johnny and Bengy. 



"It is only with a few rare natures that friendship is added to friendship, love to love and the man keeps growing richer in affection" 

   Bookwork made from 1906 copy of book  Familiar studies of men and books     R .L .Stevenson, the title is taken from the last page of the book.